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Our story

Our story is likely one that resonates with many of you. When we first decided to learn about this exciting field, there were a lot of learning options. We found bootcamps that were costly, university programs that took a long time, and a whole lot of online resources that seemed scattered and disconnected.

The road to becoming a UX/UI designer seemed steep,

not just in terms of the financial investment, but also the sheer amount of time and effort needed.

We decided to go down the self-taught path. We poured through countless resources, dedicated long hours to tutorials and practical exercises, and began to apply what we learned to real-world projects.

However, we quickly realized that a lot of the available resources and online courses were overflowing with unnecessary detail, academic lingo, and theoretical concepts that didn't always have clear applications in the real world. This excess of information made the learning process far more complex and time-consuming than it needed to be.

Determined to streamline our learning, we focused our energy on pinpointing the practical, actionable knowledge that could truly impact our work. Our aim was to sift out the most useful information and create a learning journey that was efficient, focused, and directly connected to the everyday realities of UX/UI design. 

Surprisingly, we found ourselves gaining ground in the field at a rate much faster than we anticipated. The hands-on, focused approach of self-learning allowed us to bypass unnecessary fluff and directly delve into what mattered.

We found success in our careers, but more than that, we discovered a blueprint for effective, practical learning.

And that’s when uxpeak was born. Our goal was to create what we wished we had when we started: a comprehensive, accessible, and practical online learning platform for aspiring UX/UI designers.

Today, we use our firsthand experience to curate courses that cut through the noise, focusing on practical skills and real-world applications. We want to provide the tools and knowledge we found most useful in our journey, to help others traverse the path to becoming a UX/UI designer in a more streamlined, affordable and effective way.

We're on a mission

We've got one clear goal: to help you become a top-notch UX/UI designer. We do this by providing practical, straightforward, and affordable UX/UI design Mastery course and the UI/UX playbook that prepares you for the real world of design. We remember what it was like when we were starting out, so we cut out the noise and focus on the skills that really matter.

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